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Selfless vegetables. Love & care. That's it.

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Selfless Vegetables

Our philosophy is a simple one - Thank your veggies! Here at Dead Veggies, we believe in honoring the selfless vegetables that sacrifice their lives to provide us with delicious, nutritious products. While they live on in our memories and stomachs, they simply don't get the praise they deserve.
Don't thank us... Thank your veggies.

Complex Pickling

Brine runs through our veins at Dead Veggies. Kimchi (김치), a traditional Korean side dish made of brined and fermented vegetables, is the heart of our offering, which offers both classic and contemporary products made with fresh, complex, and delicious kimchi.

Ancient Techniques

Kimjang (김장) is a Korean word that describes the collective preparation of kimchi, often with family & friends. Community has always been the foundation of Dead Veggies, and our “kimjang spirit” endures through our traditional techniques and small, handcrafted batches.

High Fermentation

Founded in Denver, we are endlessly inspired by the beauty and culture of Colorado - but when we talk about high fermentation, we’re referring specifically to altitude. Our products are proudly handcrafted in Colorado, then shipped fresh to their new homes.


(2 Pack) Vegan Napa Kimchi
(2 Pack) Vegan Napa Kimchi

Napa Cabbage Kimchi

(2 Pack) Kimchi Habanero Hot Sauce
(2 Pack) Kimchi Habanero Hot Sauce

Kimchi Habanero Hot Sauce

(2 Pack) Kimchi Pepper Jelly
(2 Pack) Kimchi Pepper Jelly

Kimchi Pepper Jelly

Bloody Matty Cocktail Mix
Bloody Matty Cocktail Mix

Bloody Matty Cocktail Mix

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